Regions of skip hire

With various ways to label a region of England, such as; TV areas of Anglia, London, Meridian, West, Central, etc, or Counties, maybe even Council regions that split each County, it isn’t always simple to define a large skip hire coverage area. The UK Central Counties simply refer to ones that aren’t coastal or neighbouring another country of the UK, generally located toward the middle of England.

The are currently 48 official Counties of England, but many people often still label their address or local region with a previous existing County. The problem is that County borders have changed, with many new counties being created by splits and some counties being consumed by merging. For example, Middlesex has been consumed by Greater London and officially no longer exists, yet a majority within that area still use Middlesex in their address and refuse to accept its discontinuation. Cambridgeshire is another example of consumption, with Huntingdonshire being removed, as well as the county region named Isle of Ely.

So, to label our skip hire coverage area we say Central Counties. Central Counties can also be regarded differently depending on where you live, North or South of England, so this is clearer by labelling them in full, new or old names. However, then the problem is that some counties are only part covered, the county border is not the exact limit, there are overlaps with neighbour counties, such as Essex, Suffolk or Norfolk which are all coastal counties or East Counties.

To us, Central Counties are; Greater London (North), Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland. Then, in part, some of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Buckinhamshire. Oxfordshire, West Counties, the Midlands and Midland Counties, or any counties further north are not regarded as Central Counties by us, even though they may not border sea or other country of the UK. That is our view of ‘Central Counties’ best described.



Regions of skip hire

Collection fail of full Skip

Has your filled skip not been taken?
Did the supplier book removal, then not take their skip?
Your expected skip collection failed, and you’ve been asked to correct the load?

6 Yard skip with 12 Yard of rubbish

Booking a cheap small skip then filling it beyond capacity is, unfortunately, highly common. Arranging your collection is simple but if a driver arrives and decides it is dangerous or overloaded then you should expect the skip to remain where it is. There may even be a fine for failed collection to cover extra running costs for the skip hire business.

More than one failed attempts at collection may mean more serious consequence so it is in your best interests to fix any problem with the filled skip. If the container is due back to the skip company and you have not corrected a problem then a driver may actually remove the skip bin itself, but leave behind all of your rubbish.

Building up the sides with boards or general loading above the height of the skip sides will mean it is overloaded. Yes, you can fit more rubbish into it but in reality the skip is too small for your needs and you have an error that needs to be resolved.

There are so many skip sizes that price comparisons are often difficult and it may be too tempting to save money and book a smaller skip than required. Often it is pure accident and miss-calculation of how much rubbish you have.

4 Yard Small,  6 Yard Budget,  7 Yard Medium,  8 Yard Traditional/Builder, 10 or 12 Yard Large, 14 or 16 Yard Extra Large. Then there will be 20, 30, 40 Yard bulk waste options, but not all providers stock all sizes so your quotes aren’t always based on a matching size of bin. Price is affected by area too, not just available size. The type of expected waste content may also influence the quote. For instance, a skip full of metal or a skip full of heavy hardcore concrete will appeal differently to the waste trader.

So many variables mean vast price quotes, but also each provider cannot be the cheapest on every size on every day, or no others would be in business. Phone calls and tailored quotes are still the best way to get the right skip at the right price, but just keep it in mind that you really should not go too small with your skip size.

To avoid failed collections of your garbage, the most important thing you can do is aim to book the right size skip at the very start. If you are unsure, pay the extra to go with a larger size and don’t cut corners with a cheap skip offer. The extra advice to take on board is that if your skip is quickly filling and you know you have too much waste, don’t take a chance, book a swap-over and have a second skip delivered when the first one is to be removed. Alternatively, tell the skip company you have slightly too much garbage, maybe even email a picture, they will be happy to help you resolve before you waste their time with an impossible collection, they may simply bring a larger skip to tip the first one into.

If you have a failed collection, don’t automatically blame the skip company driver or their customer services. Take an honest look at your skip and check if there is anything you may need to do, then make contact and check if any other problem occurred?

Collection fail of full Skip

Booking online review

To book skip hire online may not always be the cheapest skip hire. Cash on delivery, or calling around for tailored quotes will often beat online prices. However, we don’t all have the time or energy for numerous phone calls, plus you still may not find the cheapest skip hire price as there are simply too many local providers.

If you want to make many calls, as traditionally, then do so. Obviously, this is mostly limited to office hours. Booking online doesn’t suit everyone, but is very handy when outside of working hours, plus the ongoing management, changes, or any future bookings are very convenient too. Yes, E-commerce beats phone calls, for convenience. provides booking of skips at any time, with a very simple to use website where you do not have to register to be able to see or compare prices! After some input of basic details, a calculation and comparison of local prices available to you will show your best option available. Booking the skip is a very simple process that follows, but this is where you do have to register. However, the account is free and it means that you have 24/7 access to manage your skip bookings, even request collection or swap-over of your filled skip.

If the price is too high, try a different skip size, it is easy to go back and change your needs. That sounds silly but sometimes a provider is cheaper on an 8 yard skip, than another supplier on a smaller 6 yard skip. Variables can make a difference, so that’s the great thing about having the control at your fingertips, you don’t rely on sales people offering you something suited.

Customer feedback and reviews of this very simple booking system have been excellent. Uskip is a service that looks after the customer as number 1, and additionally takes away any risk that you will book with a ‘cheap’ skip supplier who may flytip your waste, or give poor service that ends up costing you more for your skip hire. Not just less risk, you have access to booking instantly with the cheapest local providers for your size of skip, even if they do not have online booking themselves. For instance, 1 company may be cheapest on small mini skips, where another may be cheap on extra-large 16 yard skips, or even the medium sizes may fluctuate depending on time of year or how busy companies are, so you always get the best local offers for your needs and can book instantly.

You may find that skips are supplied from different skip companies at different times, or in different areas, for instance. Viewing skip companies as rivals with each other isn’t the whole picture and Uskip is bringing providers closer. Actually they often work alongside each other trading recycled waste already, so giving their support to Uskip means there is common ground for helping provide the retail customer with a better service. Faster delivery or collection, less fuel use, covering breakdowns or busy times, basically Uskip makes the ordering process very simple and all technical arrangements are made by the experts.

Our review of the Uskip service is very clear, we think it is a great addition to the way skip hire bookings are made. Telephone calls will stay, so still call us for your tailored price comparisons, but safe E-commerce convenience is certainly a welcome addition.


Booking online review

Skip Tech

From the Skip users’ point of view, the skip hire industry may be considered passé, more than a little antiquated and outdated. A dozen phone calls and a big metal bin. Many local company websites do not offer e-commerce, no online booking and even local skip price lists are difficult to find published. Phone calls are the normal method for skips, or via emails like you are living back in the 1990’s maybe?

Not just bookings, skip collections, swap overs and time extensions, but simple price comparing or even initially discovering what you do or don’t need, all means lots of telephone calls. Even commercial users, fluent in skip ordering, realise there are too many time consuming phone calls required within the whole skip hire process. Some skip companies even still rely on printed yellow books or local magazines for advertising, as the worldwide digital web is a complicated place and waste disposal is not a simple yes, no, one size fits all, swipe your card.

Agencies who offer skip bookings online have become fairly common. These ‘middle-person’  businesses advertise on search sites and have great functional websites, but don’t actually have any skips or provide any of the waste management themselves. This often means paying extra cost. It doesn’t solve the fact that you end up making lots of calls or emails to find the skip you need at a reasonable price. Delays between middle-man and delivery, collection or problem solving, are more than frustrating.

However, there is a new idea taking shape within the skip hire industry. is like a national agency that advertises online to help you book skips. Some differences are that the website could not be easier to use, plus it automatically compares your local prices to find the best skip that you require. More than that, if you sign up and book, you then have an account with full control 24/7 so that you can manage your skip needs from anywhere, any time. The simplicity is second to none and prices are very easy to display and compare for various sizes or solutions in your area.

We are a local skip hire provider, supplying skips and managing your waste, so usually Agencies aren’t our friend. They compete, they push up advertising costs, and we end up doing more work to then provide a skip at reduced trade rate to them, rather than direct retail with you. You pay more, we earn less, it’s a lose-lose for local skip businesses. Understanding our view makes it harder to understand why we are welcoming as an affiliate and not an enemy. Simply, the technology behind this new idea makes is successful. Yes, Uskip is a national booking agency, but what it also brings is less phone calls, more automated admin, less headache for skip companies who don’t have a degree in Google Ads or the worldwide web of complication.

More local skip hire companies are beginning to register and use the service as they discover how it works, fitting with their own existing procedures. Certainly, we are happy to recommend to other waste traders and are pleased with the growth we have experienced. Customers are feeding us with positives too, saying how they like having direct control through their account, either on mobiles or an office pc. Less calls, less time wasted, cheapest local prices and an all round win-win.

Trust is something that has become paramount with skip hire too. So many ‘cheap’ skip companies, or cheap skip agencies, are turning out to be fly-tippers. Remember, an agent doesn’t move your trash, or have any facility to do so. If your rubbish isn’t disposed of legally it can be mighty costly to you. With Uskip you also have guarantee and assurance against fly tippers, and only local companies that are dedicated to recycling can be booked.

As much as we don’t like agencies, is totally different. Save yourself lots of hassle shopping around, or many phone calls and time to try saving 10, 20 or 30 pound. You will thank us, and be happy with your Uskip account that you can log-in and use to manage skip orders in any area you may need, even outside office hours.

E-commerce, skip hire comparison, simplicity, customer accounts, all areas, time saving, support & guarantee, could you really ask for any more from the Skip Hire industry?



Skip Tech

Recycling for fun

Talking about rubbish is often dull. However, one recycling project of ours is a proud achievement which provides a fun hobby and sport activity for many enthusiasts in our region. Previously known as ‘Scrambling’, the modern term for off-road motorbike riding on dirt is Motocross, or MX for short, sometimes Moto X. Motocross is a huge sport across the pond, with hundreds of thousands of regular TV viewers in America, but it is also a growing and popular activity for dirt bike fans in the UK.

So, how does recycling link us with Moto X?  Well, as a supplier of graded inert soil, gravel and aggregates, we helped to create a large scale MX track, a Motopark, locally in Bedfordshire. Recycling ground materials meant we were able to supply the site with enough recycled hardcore to produce many ramps and banks for a full feature Motopark Motocross track, with our supplies of quality soil that are well suited for MX bikes and their riders.

MX Riders from many places of the UK, and even from abroad, now enjoy the recycled motocross track which is operating under the name of 210MX, being their website. Instagram images of 210MX -there’s loads of video on Youtube too.

Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and London, are the main focus for attracting riders of our region to the well maintained dirt track, but the sport / hobby has international following too. The owner of MX Training Events Spain, an MX track operator and MX holiday supplier in Spain, is personally a user of the 210MX track and fully recommends it, and he has great experience of training users and riding tracks in many places of Europe and the World. As a thankyou, I will plug his holiday booking website- but his valued opinion of our UK recycled track we helped to build was genuine and we are proud to have been part of it.

Learn, practice, shred, race, socialise, as all levels of Moto X rider are catered. Event day, training, and private function bookings are available too. For the Moto X bike owners and users of the track, the feedback is highly positive. We feel like the community has gained from recycling efforts, which goes beyond the usual ‘saving the planet’ environmental caring pats on the back we receive. Yes, Motocross isn’t suited to everyone, but if it keeps local bike shops & retailers trading, plus some bored testosterone filled youths off the streets (or private/public land), then the track gets 100% commitment from us. Local Councils should take notice of these positives for once, rather than simply shutting MX locations down, but that’s all another story. And, if you don’t agree with burning petrol, then be happy that silent electric Motocross Moto-X MX scrambling dirt bikes are already a reality 🙂


Recycling for fun

Level Loads

What does Level Loads on your skip mean? What is the meaning of the notice given about Level Loads with your skip hire? Terms state ‘Level Loads’ but what is the definition of level loads for skips? Is my rubbish level?

When you hire a skip the most common problems faced by skip users throughout the country are regarding the amount of rubbish placed into a skip container.  Often, this results in extra costs and the filled skip can be left in your way until resolved.


Looking at the picture, it may be obvious that this skip is simply too small for the amount placed into it? Unfortunately, for some people it is not obvious and they are confused when the skip lorry driver refuses to collect it. This is NOT a level load!
Wasting the skip company’s time, fuel, labour & running costs often means you are landed with a fine, especially if the collection has to be re-booked. For the skip user, the skip lorry driver, and the skip provider company, this situation is terrible and nobody is a winner. The skip container is due back to the business, often booked to be taken out for hire elsewhere, so the next customer becomes affected by the ignoring of “Level Loads”.

Why can the driver not just take it and charge extra? Sometimes this happens, but not as you expect. The skip container may be taken, with your garbage left behind! If the skip is due back and the load is not safe, it may result in your rubbish being left where it is and simply the skip slid out and removed.


Playing ‘Jenga’ with your trash, while the skip is perfectly still, is easy. Likely, you can double the height of the skip, especially if you add boards, doors, planks or metal sheets at the sides to raise the height. Jenga may be fun, but simply it is dangerous when the skip moves.

loaded_skip_hire_harlowThe question to ask yourself is-

Would you drive behind the skip lorry, to follow it to the dump, collecting any of your rubbish that falls off?

If you are happy to do that then you either have a Level Load skip, or perhaps, you should not be driving anywhere on UK roads?!
Beyond inconsideration, further than utter madness, overfilled skips are not just dangerous for motorists, they are illegal. If a driver refuses your skip then don’t expect to win the argument, he/she simply does not want to break the law. The best solution will be to remove rubbish from the top, or hopefully choose not to overload and fill beyond the level of the height of the skip in the first place.


skip_rubbish_levelWe all like to get something extra for nothing, so going beyond the load limit seems like an easy way to get an advantage on garbage removal costs. But, more than that, it is often difficult to estimate the size of skip you need for your rubbish. Often, the skip is simply too small and you didn’t intend to have the overfill. In this instance, call and discuss with your skip provider. Rather than chancing a collection fail, the genuine error can often be solved without too much trouble. For instance, a bigger skip can be brought along, your overfilled one can be tipped into it, and the empty small skip can then be placed on top for transport. You may have to pay the slight difference, but that’s a cheap option and everyone is left satisfied.

Not all skips have a perfect flat rim, how do I know what is the correct level if there are sloping angles? As in the picture below, you can see the rubbish is stepped back from the end, sloping upwards, so is this overloaded?FB_IMG_1531165200133-960

Yes, the above skip is overloaded. The side of a skip is angled at the ends to reduce overhanging items. No rubbish should be protruding beyond the ends of skips, in the same way items should not overhang sideways too. The taper of the sides is to show that as the waste reaches near to the maximum level you need to start reducing the length of items so nothing has chance of being too close to these end limits. Simply, it is safest to taper away from the end with the top layers of trash. As stated, the maximum height should be level with the top of the highest part of the skip side.

FB_IMG_1530790427798-960 Another example of far too much rubbish for the size of skip ordered. An option your provider will offer is to book a swap-over, where a second skip is delivered while removing the original one at the same time. The overfill can be loaded straight to the new one while the lorry driver waits, then once the original is removed the second half-loaded skip can still be moved, to park back into the correct spot needed.

FB_IMG_1530798333373-960Something to remember with overloaded skips is that a collecting driver needs to get access for any removal. If excess rubbish falls over either sides, or placed against a skip that is too small, this means the driver cannot get the the lifting points. This is more common than you would imagine with skips that are not big enough for the amount of waste. Make sure there is access to both sides of the skip, so that lifting chains can be fitted easily, especially if you book collection and nobody will be there, the driver wont be responsible for moving side spillage or trash that blocks access.

Heavy-weighted skips should have extra consideration, detailed more below. heavy_large_skipsOverloading a skip isn’t always about Level Loads. This example is beyond the level load and some of the waste has to be removed for transport. Yes it is too high, but it can also be too heavy for a skip to safely contain. Metal bins have limits and going above the side level may mean you go beyond weight capabilities too.  Additionally, sometimes when a driver lifts a filled skip it indicates that all weight is to one side, or one corner. Not directly a level load problem, but the responsibility is firmly with you as a hirer to make sure the skip is loaded evenly. Level loads is a shortened phrase that refers to terms of hire and conditions of loads as a whole. Skips need to be loaded with the weight distributed level, as much as feasibly possible. So, not too much dense heavy material to one side, or one corner, with lighter materials to the opposite side or corner. Fill the skip to the best of your ability by spreading the rubbish level as you go, mixing light with heavy. Level loads really means keeping a level head and loading a safe skip that can be moved without worry.


Level Loads

Cheap Skip Hire

Cheap Skip Hire operators

If you are looking for genuine cheap skip hire then you should be aware of a major problem happening in England and across the UK. Rubbish clearance & garbage removal is big business, due to the high demand and needs in every area, which creates chance for some ‘cheap’ operators to cash in, illegally. Fly-tipping trash is becoming more than just a common nuisance, it is booming widespread problem with many consequences.

Skip garbage fly tipped rubbish
Flytipping trash risks

Local Skip rubbish, illegally dumped

Saving 20, 30 or 40 pounds on a ‘cheap deal’ skip hire may end up costing you far more than you realise? It may seem great, the skip is delivered, paid for, then taken away, fantastic! But the are several trash clearance & skip providers who may initially take your garbage, then immediately dump it at a nearby remote area; a field, alleyway, lay-by, countryside, quiet industrial area, driveway or rear of empty property.

The problem for you is that it is still officially your rubbish and you are responsible, fact. You put trust in a waste ‘specialist’ to dispose of trash correctly but if they decide to fly-tip then the burden falls directly to you. Law and prosecution is against you, as will be any cost of removing and disposing of that fly-tipped waste. If anything traces back to you, like local information, witness, inspection or investigation & discovery, then Local Councils & Land Owners are actively pursuing recovery of costs, as well as fines & registered records for the law-breaking.

Choosing the right skip hire provider is essential. Make sure you use a known operator with a reputation of reliability, preferably ones who have their own local Recycling Plant & facilities, since these will never risk their Waste Licence for small/individual skip amounts of garbage, and actually need your trash to meet their recycling needs. Small local skip hire companies, or general rubbish removers, may be fine as long as you know for certain their ‘cheap price’ isn’t because they may possibly fly-tip. Travelers or Cowboys, even Skip Hire ‘Agencies’ or new local advertisers seeking any work, really need to be avoided. Cheap may mean trouble.

Don’t end up paying more than double for your skip hire. Simply don’t take the risk if any concerns of where your trash will end up.


Cheap Skip Hire

Rubbish problems

The idea of booking the cheapest skips possible might result in you spending more. All skip hire providers will enforce the ‘Level Loads’ rule, which is for safety, but also because you do get some users who try this-

Rubbish removal skip hire rules
Trash disposed in a small cheap skip.

Obviously, the skip size is not suited to the garbage removal project and this would never be acceptable as a Level Load skip. Not just unsafe, it is blatant attempt to under pay for the amount of trash needing to be disposed. All skip providers would go out of business if they allowed this, even if it could be taken safely.

Level Loads are the number 1 rule. If you do not load the skip correctly it will mostly cost you more than paying for an oversized larger skip in the first place. Re-collection booking fine, longer hire period, multi-journey costs, or even the charge for hire of two different skips could mean a far higher cost for your rubbish clearance or building projects.

There is a balance, and some sensible judgement required, since this following example really is ‘Level Load’ skip hire:


Skip Hire operators won’t ever be this fussy and you won’t need to use a laser leveling tool or have experience laying flooring, to make your trash inch perfect level. Keep the number one rule as important and do not raise the height of sides of skips with wood, boards, doors or any flat panel, etc. Then fill the skip as level and even as possible, just making sure it will be safe for travel. If you realise the skip is too small for your needs, simply stop filling. Then call your skip provider to discuss, as they will be happy to help and this will nearly always end up in the cheapest solution. Overfilling and hoping for the skip collector to not notice or care, will nearly always result in costs that you didn’t expect. If you don’t want to take any risk, simply book a skip that is bigger than you need and leave any stress behind, the small extra cost will be far better than paying double, or more!

Rubbish problems