Collection fail of full Skip

Has your filled skip not been taken?
Did the supplier book removal, then not take their skip?
Your expected skip collection failed, and you’ve been asked to correct the load?

6 Yard skip with 12 Yard of rubbish

Booking a cheap small skip then filling it beyond capacity is, unfortunately, highly common. Arranging your collection is simple but if a driver arrives and decides it is dangerous or overloaded then you should expect the skip to remain where it is. There may even be a fine for failed collection to cover extra running costs for the skip hire business.

More than one failed attempts at collection may mean more serious consequence so it is in your best interests to fix any problem with the filled skip. If the container is due back to the skip company and you have not corrected a problem then a driver may actually remove the skip bin itself, but leave behind all of your rubbish.

Building up the sides with boards or general loading above the height of the skip sides will mean it is overloaded. Yes, you can fit more rubbish into it but in reality the skip is too small for your needs and you have an error that needs to be resolved.

There are so many skip sizes that price comparisons are often difficult and it may be too tempting to save money and book a smaller skip than required. Often it is pure accident and miss-calculation of how much rubbish you have.

4 Yard Small,  6 Yard Budget,  7 Yard Medium,  8 Yard Traditional/Builder, 10 or 12 Yard Large, 14 or 16 Yard Extra Large. Then there will be 20, 30, 40 Yard bulk waste options, but not all providers stock all sizes so your quotes aren’t always based on a matching size of bin. Price is affected by area too, not just available size. The type of expected waste content may also influence the quote. For instance, a skip full of metal or a skip full of heavy hardcore concrete will appeal differently to the waste trader.

So many variables mean vast price quotes, but also each provider cannot be the cheapest on every size on every day, or no others would be in business. Phone calls and tailored quotes are still the best way to get the right skip at the right price, but just keep it in mind that you really should not go too small with your skip size.

To avoid failed collections of your garbage, the most important thing you can do is aim to book the right size skip at the very start. If you are unsure, pay the extra to go with a larger size and don’t cut corners with a cheap skip offer. The extra advice to take on board is that if your skip is quickly filling and you know you have too much waste, don’t take a chance, book a swap-over and have a second skip delivered when the first one is to be removed. Alternatively, tell the skip company you have slightly too much garbage, maybe even email a picture, they will be happy to help you resolve before you waste their time with an impossible collection, they may simply bring a larger skip to tip the first one into.

If you have a failed collection, don’t automatically blame the skip company driver or their customer services. Take an honest look at your skip and check if there is anything you may need to do, then make contact and check if any other problem occurred?

Collection fail of full Skip

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