Booking online review

To book skip hire online may not always be the cheapest skip hire. Cash on delivery, or calling around for tailored quotes will often beat online prices. However, we don’t all have the time or energy for numerous phone calls, plus you still may not find the cheapest skip hire price as there are simply too many local providers.

If you want to make many calls, as traditionally, then do so. Obviously, this is mostly limited to office hours. Booking online doesn’t suit everyone, but is very handy when outside of working hours, plus the ongoing management, changes, or any future bookings are very convenient too. Yes, E-commerce beats phone calls, for convenience. provides booking of skips at any time, with a very simple to use website where you do not have to register to be able to see or compare prices! After some input of basic details, a calculation and comparison of local prices available to you will show your best option available. Booking the skip is a very simple process that follows, but this is where you do have to register. However, the account is free and it means that you have 24/7 access to manage your skip bookings, even request collection or swap-over of your filled skip.

If the price is too high, try a different skip size, it is easy to go back and change your needs. That sounds silly but sometimes a provider is cheaper on an 8 yard skip, than another supplier on a smaller 6 yard skip. Variables can make a difference, so that’s the great thing about having the control at your fingertips, you don’t rely on sales people offering you something suited.

Customer feedback and reviews of this very simple booking system have been excellent. Uskip is a service that looks after the customer as number 1, and additionally takes away any risk that you will book with a ‘cheap’ skip supplier who may flytip your waste, or give poor service that ends up costing you more for your skip hire. Not just less risk, you have access to booking instantly with the cheapest local providers for your size of skip, even if they do not have online booking themselves. For instance, 1 company may be cheapest on small mini skips, where another may be cheap on extra-large 16 yard skips, or even the medium sizes may fluctuate depending on time of year or how busy companies are, so you always get the best local offers for your needs and can book instantly.

You may find that skips are supplied from different skip companies at different times, or in different areas, for instance. Viewing skip companies as rivals with each other isn’t the whole picture and Uskip is bringing providers closer. Actually they often work alongside each other trading recycled waste already, so giving their support to Uskip means there is common ground for helping provide the retail customer with a better service. Faster delivery or collection, less fuel use, covering breakdowns or busy times, basically Uskip makes the ordering process very simple and all technical arrangements are made by the experts.

Our review of the Uskip service is very clear, we think it is a great addition to the way skip hire bookings are made. Telephone calls will stay, so still call us for your tailored price comparisons, but safe E-commerce convenience is certainly a welcome addition.


Booking online review

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