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From the Skip users’ point of view, the skip hire industry may be considered passé, more than a little antiquated and outdated. A dozen phone calls and a big metal bin. Many local company websites do not offer e-commerce, no online booking and even local skip price lists are difficult to find published. Phone calls are the normal method for skips, or via emails like you are living back in the 1990’s maybe?

Not just bookings, skip collections, swap overs and time extensions, but simple price comparing or even initially discovering what you do or don’t need, all means lots of telephone calls. Even commercial users, fluent in skip ordering, realise there are too many time consuming phone calls required within the whole skip hire process. Some skip companies even still rely on printed yellow books or local magazines for advertising, as the worldwide digital web is a complicated place and waste disposal is not a simple yes, no, one size fits all, swipe your card.

Agencies who offer skip bookings online have become fairly common. These ‘middle-person’  businesses advertise on search sites and have great functional websites, but don’t actually have any skips or provide any of the waste management themselves. This often means paying extra cost. It doesn’t solve the fact that you end up making lots of calls or emails to find the skip you need at a reasonable price. Delays between middle-man and delivery, collection or problem solving, are more than frustrating.

However, there is a new idea taking shape within the skip hire industry. is like a national agency that advertises online to help you book skips. Some differences are that the website could not be easier to use, plus it automatically compares your local prices to find the best skip that you require. More than that, if you sign up and book, you then have an account with full control 24/7 so that you can manage your skip needs from anywhere, any time. The simplicity is second to none and prices are very easy to display and compare for various sizes or solutions in your area.

We are a local skip hire provider, supplying skips and managing your waste, so usually Agencies aren’t our friend. They compete, they push up advertising costs, and we end up doing more work to then provide a skip at reduced trade rate to them, rather than direct retail with you. You pay more, we earn less, it’s a lose-lose for local skip businesses. Understanding our view makes it harder to understand why we are welcoming as an affiliate and not an enemy. Simply, the technology behind this new idea makes is successful. Yes, Uskip is a national booking agency, but what it also brings is less phone calls, more automated admin, less headache for skip companies who don’t have a degree in Google Ads or the worldwide web of complication.

More local skip hire companies are beginning to register and use the service as they discover how it works, fitting with their own existing procedures. Certainly, we are happy to recommend to other waste traders and are pleased with the growth we have experienced. Customers are feeding us with positives too, saying how they like having direct control through their account, either on mobiles or an office pc. Less calls, less time wasted, cheapest local prices and an all round win-win.

Trust is something that has become paramount with skip hire too. So many ‘cheap’ skip companies, or cheap skip agencies, are turning out to be fly-tippers. Remember, an agent doesn’t move your trash, or have any facility to do so. If your rubbish isn’t disposed of legally it can be mighty costly to you. With Uskip you also have guarantee and assurance against fly tippers, and only local companies that are dedicated to recycling can be booked.

As much as we don’t like agencies, is totally different. Save yourself lots of hassle shopping around, or many phone calls and time to try saving 10, 20 or 30 pound. You will thank us, and be happy with your Uskip account that you can log-in and use to manage skip orders in any area you may need, even outside office hours.

E-commerce, skip hire comparison, simplicity, customer accounts, all areas, time saving, support & guarantee, could you really ask for any more from the Skip Hire industry?



Skip Tech

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