Recycling for fun

Talking about rubbish is often dull. However, one recycling project of ours is a proud achievement which provides a fun hobby and sport activity for many enthusiasts in our region. Previously known as ‘Scrambling’, the modern term for off-road motorbike riding on dirt is Motocross, or MX for short, sometimes Moto X. Motocross is a huge sport across the pond, with hundreds of thousands of regular TV viewers in America, but it is also a growing and popular activity for dirt bike fans in the UK.

So, how does recycling link us with Moto X?  Well, as a supplier of graded inert soil, gravel and aggregates, we helped to create a large scale MX track, a Motopark, locally in Bedfordshire. Recycling ground materials meant we were able to supply the site with enough recycled hardcore to produce many ramps and banks for a full feature Motopark Motocross track, with our supplies of quality soil that are well suited for MX bikes and their riders.

MX Riders from many places of the UK, and even from abroad, now enjoy the recycled motocross track which is operating under the name of 210MX, being their website. Instagram images of 210MX -there’s loads of video on Youtube too.

Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and London, are the main focus for attracting riders of our region to the well maintained dirt track, but the sport / hobby has international following too. The owner of MX Training Events Spain, an MX track operator and MX holiday supplier in Spain, is personally a user of the 210MX track and fully recommends it, and he has great experience of training users and riding tracks in many places of Europe and the World. As a thankyou, I will plug his holiday booking website- but his valued opinion of our UK recycled track we helped to build was genuine and we are proud to have been part of it.

Learn, practice, shred, race, socialise, as all levels of Moto X rider are catered. Event day, training, and private function bookings are available too. For the Moto X bike owners and users of the track, the feedback is highly positive. We feel like the community has gained from recycling efforts, which goes beyond the usual ‘saving the planet’ environmental caring pats on the back we receive. Yes, Motocross isn’t suited to everyone, but if it keeps local bike shops & retailers trading, plus some bored testosterone filled youths off the streets (or private/public land), then the track gets 100% commitment from us. Local Councils should take notice of these positives for once, rather than simply shutting MX locations down, but that’s all another story. And, if you don’t agree with burning petrol, then be happy that silent electric Motocross Moto-X MX scrambling dirt bikes are already a reality 🙂


Recycling for fun

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