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If you are looking for genuine cheap skip hire then you should be aware of a major problem happening in England and across the UK. Rubbish clearance & garbage removal is big business, due to the high demand and needs in every area, which creates chance for some ‘cheap’ operators to cash in, illegally. Fly-tipping trash is becoming more than just a common nuisance, it is booming widespread problem with many consequences.

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Flytipping trash risks

Local Skip rubbish, illegally dumped

Saving 20, 30 or 40 pounds on a ‘cheap deal’ skip hire may end up costing you far more than you realise? It may seem great, the skip is delivered, paid for, then taken away, fantastic! But the are several trash clearance & skip providers who may initially take your garbage, then immediately dump it at a nearby remote area; a field, alleyway, lay-by, countryside, quiet industrial area, driveway or rear of empty property.

The problem for you is that it is still officially your rubbish and you are responsible, fact. You put trust in a waste ‘specialist’ to dispose of trash correctly but if they decide to fly-tip then the burden falls directly to you. Law and prosecution is against you, as will be any cost of removing and disposing of that fly-tipped waste. If anything traces back to you, like local information, witness, inspection or investigation & discovery, then Local Councils & Land Owners are actively pursuing recovery of costs, as well as fines & registered records for the law-breaking.

Choosing the right skip hire provider is essential. Make sure you use a known operator with a reputation of reliability, preferably ones who have their own local Recycling Plant & facilities, since these will never risk their Waste Licence for small/individual skip amounts of garbage, and actually need your trash to meet their recycling needs. Small local skip hire companies, or general rubbish removers, may be fine as long as you know for certain their ‘cheap price’ isn’t because they may possibly fly-tip. Travelers or Cowboys, even Skip Hire ‘Agencies’ or new local advertisers seeking any work, really need to be avoided. Cheap may mean trouble.

Don’t end up paying more than double for your skip hire. Simply don’t take the risk if any concerns of where your trash will end up.


Cheap Skip Hire