Rubbish problems

The idea of booking the cheapest skips possible might result in you spending more. All skip hire providers will enforce the ‘Level Loads’ rule, which is for safety, but also because you do get some users who try this-

Rubbish removal skip hire rules
Trash disposed in a small cheap skip.

Obviously, the skip size is not suited to the garbage removal project and this would never be acceptable as a Level Load skip. Not just unsafe, it is blatant attempt to under pay for the amount of trash needing to be disposed. All skip providers would go out of business if they allowed this, even if it could be taken safely.

Level Loads are the number 1 rule. If you do not load the skip correctly it will mostly cost you more than paying for an oversized larger skip in the first place. Re-collection booking fine, longer hire period, multi-journey costs, or even the charge for hire of two different skips could mean a far higher cost for your rubbish clearance or building projects.

There is a balance, and some sensible judgement required, since this following example really is ‘Level Load’ skip hire:


Skip Hire operators won’t ever be this fussy and you won’t need to use a laser leveling tool or have experience laying flooring, to make your trash inch perfect level. Keep the number one rule as important and do not raise the height of sides of skips with wood, boards, doors or any flat panel, etc. Then fill the skip as level and even as possible, just making sure it will be safe for travel. If you realise the skip is too small for your needs, simply stop filling. Then call your skip provider to discuss, as they will be happy to help and this will nearly always end up in the cheapest solution. Overfilling and hoping for the skip collector to not notice or care, will nearly always result in costs that you didn’t expect. If you don’t want to take any risk, simply book a skip that is bigger than you need and leave any stress behind, the small extra cost will be far better than paying double, or more!

Rubbish problems